If the extension loads but no shape can be imported try these steps:

On Windows PC

1. Disable Clipboard History

  • Press Start > Settings

  • Go to System

  • On the left panel, press Clipboard

  • On the right panel, press the toggle to Off for Clipboard history

  • On the right panel, press Clear under Clear clipboard data

  • Quit & reload Illustrator

2. Whitelisting the clipboard manager app

  • Go to your current Firewall app and whitelist the program clipboard_x86_64.exe to make sure it can be executed. It should be accessible under this path:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Adobe\CEP\extensions\com.fontself.maker.v2\node_modules\clipboardy\fallbacks\windows\clipboard_x86_64.exe

On Mac or PC

1. Reload Fontself

  • You can use Reload Extension from the top-right tray icon or by restarting Illustrator (a computer reboot can also help if you've been working for long days):

2. Reboot the computer

  • A complete system refresh can clean up Illustrator's memory and improve your experience for extensions.

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