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Font is not visible after install
Font is not visible after install

Can’t see your fonts once installed? Try these tricks.

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There are a couple reasons why fonts may not show up in your favorite app (like Microsoft Word or Apple Pages):

  • Capital letters are missing in your font (ie. in MS Word 2008 you simply won't see a font that contains only lowercase letters)

  • Several letters are missing in your font (ie. in macOS apps when your font does not meet the requirements of your system language)

  • Your font contains incompatible font format (most apps and operating systems do not yet support the OpenType-SVG font format that features colored vector artwork or bitmap glyphs)

Missing capitals

The easiest solution is to complete your font file and add more glyphs for all capital characters. Then remember to uninstall the older version first before installing the new one on your system's font folder, and restart the host app to ensure that your updated font is loaded.

Missing letters

To display & use a font in any Mac app like TextEdit or Pages, select All Fonts in the Fonts panel via the Collection column:

Press ⌘-T to display your Fonts panel, then 1. extend the size the panel to display the Collection column, 2. select All Fonts and 3. find & pick your personal font.

Extra tip

If you scale up your Fonts panel even larger, you can even search fonts by typing their name:

Incompatible OpenType-SVG font format

Fonts created from color shapes in Illustrator or from image layers in Photoshop will be saved as OpenType-SVG fonts, which is a pretty new technology. 

  • First make sure your app is compatible with color fonts (on Adobe's side, Photoshop CC 2017+, Illustrator CC 2018+ and InDesign CC 2019+ are currently the only ones, color fonts don't show up in Premiere or After Effects.

  • So if just wanted to create non-colorful, plain vector fonts, start over using black-filled vector artwork in AI or vector-based Shape Layers in Photoshop.

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