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Apple Silicon & Windows ARM support
Apple Silicon & Windows ARM support
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TL;DR: Yes, Fontself Maker for Illustrator runs fine on both systems. However, the extension for Photoshop runs only under Rosetta on Apple Silicon.

With the introduction of new hardware, Adobe is progressively discontinuing some of the core technologies used to run Fontself Maker, like CEP extensions & Generator in Photoshop.

Also, on Apple’s newest computers with M1, M2 & co, apps may run natively or via an emulator called Rosetta 2 (which is for legacy apps that run on Intel x86 CPUs). Intel-only apps will automatically launch via Rosetta 2 but you can decide to launch a universal app either natively or via Rosetta (which can mitigate the issue in the short-term).

We don't have a planned release yet, but until we ship a new solution here’s the status:

Apple Silicon

✅ Illustrator (native): CEP extensions (and Fontself Maker) should just work fine

✅ Illustrator (Rosetta 2): CEP extensions keep running fine

⛔️ Photoshop (native): CEP extensions will NOT run at all

✅ Photoshop (Rosetta 2): CEP extensions run fine

To keep using Fontself Maker in Photoshop on Apple Silicon, you must the relaunch the app via Rosetta - as instructed below.

Windows ARM

✅ Illustrator (native): CEP extensions run fine

⛔️ Photoshop (native): CEP extensions will NOT run at all

How to run apps via Rosetta 2 on Apple Silicon

  • In the Finder, navigate to the app file

  • Right-click on the Photoshop app icon

  • Select Get Info

  • Check Open using Rosetta

  • Open the app as normal (the first launch will be a bit slower due to the on-the-fly translation performed by Rosetta 2, but following launches will run faster)

  • If Rosetta is not yet installed, you can install it with this Terminal command: softwareupdate --install-rosetta

  • If you want to switch back to the native app process, just close the app, right-click on it, uncheck Rosetta and relaunch it.

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