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Smart Kerning feature is slow, freezes or keeps spinning
Smart Kerning feature is slow, freezes or keeps spinning

When the automated metrics run forever, time to refresh

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These issues may be due to memory issues, which can actually happen when there are lots of shape variants in a design, as they blow the maximum amount of kerning pairs (around 12k).

⚠️ To mitigate them, first MAKE SURE TO SPENT MOST EFFORTS ON SPACING to avoid having to create too many kerning pairs.

Unfreeze & speed up

Reload Fontself, restart Illustrator, or reboot the computer

  • You can use Reload Extension from the top-right tray icon or by restarting Illustrator (a computer reboot can also help if you've been working for long days):

Create fewer kerning pairs

You may also apply the Smart Kerning feature manually on fewer characters:

  • Use the Smart feature in the Advanced > Spacing view if you want to automatically set the side bearings values

  • And in the Kerning view, click Smart, but pick only a subset of characters, like just the Uppercase and Lowercase:

  • You can alternatively apply it to an arbitrary set of glyphs (you can view them all when loading a new font in the Live Preview, and paste them in the Kerning preview to force Smart calculations on that text selection):

Delete unnecessary kerning pairs

  • Remove any pair that is just a couple units (too small to be noticeable)

  • Remove pairs that have very low probability of being displayed:

  • Use the filtering field to quickly sort and delete specific characters among all the kerning pairs:

Fasten the editing

You can speed up the process by selecting and deleting all texts in the Kerning Pad and the Live Preview below:

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