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Empty glyphs in Photoshop
Empty glyphs in Photoshop

How to fix the error: This glyph seems to be empty

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Ouch, this doesn't look good and there are various reasons why this could happen. The best ways to solve this:

  • Update Photoshop to the most recent version to avoid any legacy bug

  • Try to import a single layer before selecting many at once

  • If you get a warning of unsupported types of layers, convert them into plain image/vector layers

  • And check that your layers are not inadvertently linked as clipping masks (a down-facing angled arrow should show up on the left of the layer's preview. In this case, just press Alt + click between two layers to break this link):

If none of these tricks work, then just send us your PSD along with a description of which layers do not import to

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