Quick spacing

Once you've imported your glyphs, you can directly preview and modify the space around all characters, either individually or globally:

  • Move the spacing around each glyph by rolling over a glyph and dragging its left and right side bearings (the vertical dashed lines).
  • Adjust the overall spacing around all glyphs by clicking on Letter Space plus and minus buttons.

Precise spacing

When you need to adjust a glyph more precisely, you can expand the current glyph view to get more control options:

  • Zoom in by double-clicking anywhere on the glyph cell (or click on the top left arrow icon).¬†
  • Adjust the Ascender and Descender lines by moving the horizontal lines.
  • Enter numeric values for pixel-perfect alignment.
  • And you can quickly review other glyphs by clicking on the < > chevrons.

Advanced spacing

Once you're ready to optimize the space around your characters, click the Advanced button.

The spacing view has 3 parts:

  • an editable text preview (the Spacing Pad) at the top - where you can interactively edit horizontal metrics values for each glyph
  • a live preview on the left to see the impact of your changes on a set of predefined texts including common spacing phrases
  • a table of values containing all the glyphs' spacing values¬†

To modify spacing:

  • you can either click on a glyph & drag the left & right side bearings
  • or edit table values.

You can also redefine the spacing values for all characters:

  • Clear will reset all left & right side bearings to zero (no margins)
  • Auto will recalculate all left & right side bearing, adding an extra margin
  • Mono will force all glyphs to have the same width, so all characters are evenly spaced (for monospaced fonts)
  • Import Spacing will bring all the metrics from another font file into your current typeface. More details in this article.

Now, you should really spend as much time as you can to adjust all spacing before you start working on the last part of your font editing: kerning.

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