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Editing the space around each glyph

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Once you've imported your glyphs, you can directly preview and modify the space around all characters, either globally or individually:

  • Adjust the overall spacing around all glyphs by clicking on the buttons Letter Space + and -.

  • Move the spacing around each glyph by rolling over a glyph and dragging its left and right side bearings (the vertical dashed lines).

Precise spacing

When you need to adjust a glyph more precisely, you can expand the current glyph view to get more control options:

  • Zoom in by double-clicking anywhere on the glyph cell (or click on the top left arrow icon).Β 

  • Adjust the Ascender and Descender lines by moving the horizontal lines.

  • Enter numeric values for pixel-perfect alignment.

  • And you can quickly review other glyphs by clicking on the < > chevrons.

Space spacing πŸ‘€

  • To adjust the width of your Space character, scroll to the first glyph cell and click and move one of its side bearings:

Next step: learn to space like a pro

Once you're ready to optimize the space around your characters, click the button Advanced to step further into the Advanced Spacing.

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