Do you wonder which font creation tool you should pick, or how Fontself compares to others? Easy!

  • Fontself is super easy to use. No need to learn a new software if you are already familiar with Adobe apps.

  • Fontself saves you a ton of time. Whether you work on a typeface or a set of icons, if your workflow starts in Illustrator you can just drag & drop all your shapes, edit their spacing and save an OpenType font in seconds. Without ever leaving Illustrator.

    🤔Don't take our word for it, read from one of the many creatives who started with the free (and more complex) FontForge before switching to Fontself.

  • Fontself runs great along with other font editors. Because all tools are not exclusive, you can convert Illustrator shapes into glyphs with Fontself and import the resulting font in another app - like many pros already do - for very specific cases or more complex workflows.

  • Oh, and did we say that Fontself is super affordable?
    Check by yourself 🤓

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