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Can I install Fontself on multiple computers?
Can I install Fontself on multiple computers?
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Your Fontself license is personal and allows you to install the extension on up to two (2) computers you personally use. 

For instance, it can be installed on a desktop computer and a laptop. Each can be either a Mac or a PC.

Migrating to a new computer / got too many installs?

If you need to reinstall Fontself Maker on another computer and reached the maximum number of installs:

  • Check your Fontself Maker version

  • If it's 3.1 or newer, good news! You can now log in and you will be prompted to confirm the reset all current devices associated (If needed).
    Another solution is to log out from the old computer, from the extension's menu (You'll need version 3.1 on that computer as well).

If this doesn't work send us a message in the chat here (bottom-right corner) or at hello @ with your license key to reset.

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