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Uppercase-only / lowercase-only fonts

Don't copy/paste glyphs, spacing & kerning for a single case font

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Single case fonts, made easy

When you design a font with a single case (uppercase or lowercase) Fontself ensures that users won't see a fallback font when they type letters of the missing case.

This happens by automatically substitute all the missing glyphs of a specific case by the ones of the opposite case:

  • If you have a caps-only font, typing some lowercase will just show the uppercase.

  • No need to duplicate glyphs, spacing or kerning pairs to the other case: it's now done automatically when you save the font.

  • ⚠️ Mind that te missing case will NOT be displayed in the Fontself preview, so you can identify what's really in your font file. But they will show up when the font is used in other apps like in Illustrator, Pages or Word:

  • ⚠️ This automated substitution requires that fonts should contain no other character from the opposite case. For instance, if you caps-only font includes a single lowercase character, like the German ß, the other lowercase characters will not be substituted or displayed when using the font. So check that from the bottom left filter icon, for instance looking for an extra lowercase letter:

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