You can easily showcase any font you've made with Fontself Maker and published to Fontself Catapult on a Behance project or on Adobe Portfolio pages. 🎉

FYI, this is possible thanks to the Fontself widget, a small piece of HTML code - technically an <iframe> - that can be embedded on web pages.

Embedding the Fontself widget

  • Load the Catapult page of your hosted font and type the text you want to display in your widget (you can optionally change the font's color & size, and the widget's background color).
  • Note that you do NOT need to manually authorize the Behance or Portfolio addresses in your font's domain whitelist (you're welcome ;)
  • Click on Share preview at the bottom right of the text preview.
  • Select and copy the embed code

[NOTE: try the Fontself widget now by using this sample code, which features the Gilbert Color font, as published from the Fontself Maker extension for Illustrator right into Catapult:

<iframe height="320" style="width:100%; border:1px solid lightgrey;" id="fs_embed_gE309jx_gilbert_color_bold_preview4" class="fs_embed_iframe" src="" title="Gilbert Color Bold - Preview4" scrolling="no" frameborder="0"></iframe>

End of NOTE]

Now going back into Behance / Adobe Portfolio: 

  • Create a new project or click on one of the Embed buttons and paste the widget's custom code.
  • You can also customize the embed code afterwards to change the size, colors and text by clicking on the top left pencil icon:
  • Save your project and voilà! Enjoy your cool new typographic embed ;)

PS: want more control on the Fontself widget? Ping us on the chat bubble below to tell us which additional features you would enjoy (mockups are welcome).

PS2: A special thanks to the Behance team for turning a good ol' type-nerd dream into a reality (live custom font previews on Behance, that's 🤯 !!!)

And remember that you can tag the tool Fontself  in your Behance project settings:

PS3: still reading? Have a break, life is short...

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