You can now very easy send creative messages using your own fonts right from your mobile device, and even share your fonts with friends.

To publish on font to mobile, you just need Fontself Maker for Illustrator (update to version 3.0 or newer) and an iPhone or iPad (running iOS 11  or newer).

Your friends will just need the free Fontself app to send messages with the typeface you will share with them.

First, catapult your font

To help you enjoy your desktop fonts on mobile or the web, we built Fontself Catapult, which is a hosting solution for storing and using fonts online.

By default, all catapulted fonts are private and cannot be accessed by others, so no worries if you want to be the only one who can see and use your online fonts:

  • In Fontself Maker, load the font you want to publish
  • Press the Catapult button to upload it
  • Complete the font upload process and view your font on a browser

Install the Fontself app & retrieve your font

Now that your font is hosted on the Fontself Catapult web service, you must synchronize it with the Fontself mobile app.

If you don't have the Fontself app yet

  • On the Catapult website, press Use your fonts on mobile
  • Follow instructions to download the app and sync your fonts.

If you already have installed the Fontself app

  • Load the app, tap on the settings icon (the top-left cog) and tap Log into Catapult
  • Follow instructions to sync your fonts

Share the font with your friends, family and fans

Now that your fonts are ready to be used, you can also share them directly from the Fontself app.

  • Just tap the sharing icon (upwards arrow) on the right of side of each font
  • Send the sharable link to your friends
  • They will get redirected to download the free Fontself app and it will automatically sync your typeface into their app. 
  • Et voilà, you've just spread your love with cool type artwork 👍 

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